Must-Do Plumbing Maintenance for the Fall



Fall is a season of change. Leaves fall from trees, temperatures cool down and new clothes come out to play. There’s one other thing that changes in the fall—your plumbing! It doesn’t matter if you live in an apartment or a house, your pipes need some TLC (tender loving care) this time of year too. Here are some easy things you can do for your plumbing now to make sure it stays healthy all through the winter months ahead! Let’s discuss about must-do plumbing maintenance for the fall.

Check Sewer Lines

Sewer lines are much more complex than most people think, and they require a lot of maintenance in order to function properly. The pipes which carry water, sewage, and other materials must be cleaned regularly so that the flow is smooth and unhampered by blockages.  This can be done with chemical treatments or physical interventions like digging up the pipe or using high-pressure water jets for cleaning purposes.  If you live in an area where there’s heavy snowfall or rainfall, your local municipality might use saltwater treatment for clearing out sewer line because it removes sludge from inside pipes while lessening corrosion.

Make A Gutter Check

In the fall, it’s common to find that your gutters are overgrown with leaves and other debris. When this happens, things get really dangerous for you and your family. You can be hurt or killed by a loose object flying out of the gutter onto the roof below. And if water isn’t flowing freely through them, they’ll overflow and create a big mess in your yard. It could be cause of leaking roof and could contribute to water damage in your house.

Downspouts Are Important Too

Downspouts are not just for carrying away rain water, they can also be used to carry away other types of “waste”. For example, if you have a pet that is using your garden as its outdoor toilet, the downspout would be an excellent place to send all that mess! The same goes with any type of debris or trash that needs to go somewhere else.

Downspouts are typically located near gutters and provide an easy way for water from the roof to make it safely into them without getting onto your property. They also offer a route through which other things can get carried off too.

Check for Any Leaks

Leaks can lead to a much larger issue that has the potential to be costly. Particularly with septic tanks, leaks can quickly escalate into an expensive problem. This is because septic tanks are underground and not always easy to see, which means that any leakages will gradually deplete water.

Leaks of any kind should be fixed right away, but it’s especially important with regards to septic tanks because they’re directly linked to our water quality. By fixing even small leaks in your septic tank, you help protect the environment and your wallet!

Don’t Forget the Heaters

There are many dangers that water heater poses, including scalding injuries and carbon monoxide poisoning. The consequences of not inspecting your water heater can be fatal, but the consequences of only having it inspected once annually are even worse.

Pipe Check Please

Pipe maintenance includes: inspection for corrosion, leaks and deterioration; performing hydrostatic testing; repairing damaged pipes; adding coatings to protect against corrosion or abrasion; adding insulation to reduce heat loss or gain from the pipe’s contents (which could cause pressure fluctuations); relining a pipe with materials such as concrete, steel, plastic or fiberglass resin impregnated with cementitious material which then sets into a hard lining inside to add protection to the pipe.


Plumbing is one of the most important aspects of home maintenance. The pipes that supply water to your house are hidden, yet they are the foundation on which everything else depends.

It’s not just a matter of aesthetics, either: if you ignore plumbing problems, they will only get worse and cost more to fix down the line. So it pays to stay on top of things in this area and take care in general about what goes into your pipes.

These are just some of the must-do plumbing maintenance for the fall. Some can be “D-I-Y” but if you are not sure about what to do, then professional plumbers can do the plumbing service for you. It can save you time and money. You can be sure you won’t have any problem especially after fall, winter’s next.

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