[5 Tips] How to get Rid of Drain Flies?

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Drain also known as moth flies are one of the major problems when it comes to sanitation in Australian homes. Their bodies and their wings are covered with lots of hair. They live primarily on organic material found in standing water, which typically involves sewage or other contaminated water.

What causes drain flies?

You may have seen various kinds of flies coming to your home like a housefly, sandfly, phorid fly, fruit fly drain fly, etc. Drain fly can be commonly seen at homes you will probably see them in your bathroom or kitchen area.

Drain flies survive and flourish in stagnant, shallow waters, particularly close to food sources or bacteria such as sinks and showers.

5 Tips to get rid of the drain flies

Are you frustrated from drain flies roaming around your kitchen and bathroom areas? Don’t worry! We are here for you to provide some easy and important tips to throw away drain flies from your house, are you ready? Let’s go!!

Inspect and Clean – Breeding Sites

These flies mainly race in drains, so it is also referred to as drain flies. You can start your drain inspections. They live off debris in the form of a wet film on the drainage sides and in a drainage trap. Clean drain by using different parasitic antibiotics and chemicals.


Use Invade Bio Products in the drains after you find the source of the drain flies. The use of drain treatment, such as Invade Bio-Gel Treatment, will remove organic debris and improve sanitation.

Use Contact Aerosols (Pyrethrins)

After breeding sources have been removed, insecticides such as pyrethrins can be sprayed with a non-residual insecticide to kill adult flies.

Use Fly Lights

Insect light traps an important tool that helps you to get rid of drain flies. These tools mainly attract male drain flies. But they have not considered the best tools for removing the breed of drain flies because they can’t eliminate the source of moth completely.

Use Home products (Environment friendly)

First of all, combine 1/2 cup of salt and baking soda and 1 cup of vinegar and pour into the drain. And leave the night, pour boiling water in the morning. This trick will help you get rid of the flies.

Clearing drains is also one of the major solutions to get rid of the drain flies. Contact Apex Plumbing Solutions and we will be able to help you with your blocked drain right away.

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