8 Signs Your Bathroom Plumbing Needs Repair


Below is 8 signs your bathroom plumbing needs repair. If you look out for theses signs you may be able to do a quick DIY or if you let this go then a professional plumber may be needed.

1.Rattling Pipes

Also known by the off-putting term ‘water hammer,’ the sound of knocking pipes when you turn off a faucet happens when the flow of water suddenly stops and a ‘shock wave’ rattles through the pipes.

Poorly secured pipes or the plumbing system in older homes can also be a cause of rattling pipes. Rattling pipes are more annoying than anything else, however, it can get worse over time.

2.Leaky Faucets

All those drips from leaky faucets add up to dollars down the drain. Thankfully, diagnosing the cause of dripping faucets is straightforward. The cause could be something as simple as replacing a loose washer (metal) or o-ring (rubber or plastic), or a corroded valve. If these simple fixes don’t solve the issue, the entire faucet may have to be replaced.

3.Bad Odours

Every drain necessitates the use of a trap, and every trap necessitates the use of a vent. All of those traps and drains are there to keep sewer gas out of your house. Sewage stench should be sent up to the roof through your home’s vents, while drain traps form a “water clog” that functions as a barrier, preventing sewer odours from entering the sink drain. If you smell sewer gas in your home, it’s either because a trap has dried up or because a vent pipe has cracked. You may quickly remedy a dry trap by filling it with water, or you can inspect it for symptoms of a leak. Finding a cracked sewer vent might be more challenging because they are often hidden behind a wall and will take some drywall surgery to locate.

4.Weak Water Flow in Multiple Locations

A sluggish stream or low water pressure suggests a distribution problem. It’s usually a problem with the faucet aerator if it just happens in one place. However, if your water pressure is low in multiple locations across your home, it could indicate a larger issue. You’re looking for a problem at the water main, the hot water heater, or (worst case) an active leak in the supply line in that instance. It’s critical to respond quickly if you notice low water pressure in conjunction with some of the other problems on this list, such as bubbling wall paint.

5.Slow Drain

It should come as no surprise that a slow drain indicates a plumbing issue. Depending on where the problem is, it could be a simple blockage at the drain or a problem further down the line that requires extensive snaking to cure. Fortunately, a little detective work should help pinpoint the issue. Cleaning up a tiny clog is a nice DIY cure, but slow drains throughout the house are typically an indication of a significant problem in the sewer line, such as tree roots.

6.No Water in Winter

t’s possible that your pipes have frozen if your water pressure suddenly lowers or stops in the middle of winter. This is a big problem that must be addressed right away.

Frozen pipes, which are most common in homes with supply lines that run through an attic, crawlspace, or other unheated place, pose the greatest hazard once they thaw. That ice is serving as a stopper, preventing water from flowing out of any cracks that have formed. If you suspect you’re dealing with this problem, thoroughly follow the troubleshooting steps and be prepared to deal with a leak. If your frozen pipes thaw without a hitch (copper pipes can expand somewhat), you’re in luck.

7.High Water Bills

An unexpected increase in your water bill is more than a financial headache. It’s also a clue that anything in your plumbing system has changed. Whether you haven’t done anything to explain a higher water usage (such as filling a pool or watering your grass more frequently than normal), you should start troubleshooting to see if you have a leak. A running toilet is the most typical cause of an increase in your water bill. Many homeowners are unaware of how much water a toilet consumes; the toilet valve is practically a full-blast garden hose, and a single running toilet can waste hundreds of dollars in water.

8.Discoloured Water Is a sign that your bathroom plumbing needs repair. You should not see and discoloured water coming out of your pipes. A yellow tine means that you have rust coming out of your pipes. You will need a professional plumber to replace these pipes. Apex Plumbing Services can help with this issue.

Calling in a professional will be necessary in most cases so they can properly identify and fix the issue before it can cause additional damage.


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