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Plumbing Problems? Best Plumber in Sydney is Ready!

Our Plumbing Services Team are licensed. qualified and ready to take on your plumbing problems today.

Looking for Plumber in  Sydney, NSW, 2000 ? Apex Plumbing is your local team of emergency plumbers offering all sorts of solutions ranging from blocked drains, toilet repairs, to leaking shower repairs and backflow prevention devices installation.

Give us a Call on 1300 096 668. Plumbing repairs in Sydney were never easier than before. Whether it is a blocked drain, clogged sink, or a faulty hot water system, our team of Best Plumbers in Sydney is available 24/7 to help you out of the problem. With over 20 years of experience in the plumbing industry Apex Plumbing Services stands as one of the most trusted in the industry.

Plumbing issues are always a nightmare. At Apex Plumbing, we perfectly understand the fact that plumbing issues need to be addressed as soon as possible. We deal with all plumbing issues with care, not to mention with a professional approach. We are the best plumbers servicing near you.

Since we take pride in quality workmanship and a job well done, if something breaks as a result of the work we did, we will fix it for free. Also, your satisfaction is our top priority; we guarantee it! We have an emergency plumbing hotline open 24/7 and we are ready to take your calls! Therefore, give us a call today in an emergency and get immediate service.

If you need residential plumbing services, Apex Plumbing Services has you covered with all plumbing services. Also, with our professional residential plumbing service, your plumbing issues will be taken care of in no time. So whether you’ve got a problem with your pipes or you need a completely new plumbing system installed, our team of experts is on the job. Call our amazingly skilled plumbing team and see the astonishing difference a licensed 24Hour plumber Sydney can make now.

What do you need help with?

Emergency Plumber Near Me

Plumbing issues in Sydney never ring your doorbell. And a lot of times you might require emergency plumbing services in Sydney. Especially if you are a business that can cause losses due to plumbing downtime.

Plumbing problems requiring immediate action can come in many forms like burst pipes, blocked drains, and leaking taps. Hence, a team of experienced plumbers in Sydney at Apex plumbing services Sydney acts immediately to rectify the problem to prevent further problems.

Our team of professional plumbers is on time every time. Delays in emergency situations can lead to expensive repair costs. Hence, we completely value your time and will repair it as quickly as possible.

Blocked Drains Sydney

Apex Plumbing is your reliable local plumber of choice if you have a blocked drain anywhere in Sydney. We provide emergency drain cleaning services in Sydney 24 hours a day and often receive phone calls late at night and on weekends from Sydney residents and businesses who have clogged or blocked drains.

If your toilet is clogged or you need emergency drain and sewer clearing, we are available 24 hours a day for all emergency drain and sewer clearing work. Our specialist local plumbers are specialized in the most up-to-date methods for unclogging pipes of all types, including kitchen and bathroom sinks, as well as blocked showers and toilet plumbing.

Our mobile toolkits are equipped with cutting-edge, specialized equipment, such as high-pressure jetters and electric eels, that enables us to clear and repair even the most stubborn and severely clogged pipes.

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This image shows best plumber sydney


ABN: 42156662065
License: 306733C

Toilet Repairs Sydney

Even with the smallest leaks that are continuously running, a leaking toilet will waste hundreds of litres of water per week. We have upfront pricing on all major toilet brands and can quickly despatch tradesmen to repair your broken or leaking toilet. When performed by a skilled tradesman, the majority of clogged toilet bowl repairs are quick, easy, and inexpensive.

Our vehicles are fully loaded with the industry’s most advanced components, ensuring that the job is completed quickly and effectively. We’ve never seen a toilet that we couldn’t handle in our years of experience. Allowing even a minor leak to persist will result in increased costs and discomfort in the future. Act now and have one of our friendly tradesmen assist you, so you can relax.

We also provide our services in West Sydney, Northern beaches Sydney, Inner West Sydney, Penrith, Hill District as well as for all of the plumbing repairs in the following Sydney suburbs :

Gas Fitting Sydney

We are licenced gas fitters capable of installing and repairing natural gas lines. If you’re renovating your yard with the construction of a gas barbeque or simply need to replace gas fittings or relocate existing gas lines, Apex Plumbing is capable and qualified to handle your gas plumbing problems.

If you have a gas leak, need gas installations and fittings, or need gas repairs in Sydney, the job is potentially hazardous and should be left to licenced skilled gas fitters. Apex Plumbing is licenced gas fitters in Sydney who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Leaking Taps Sydney

Taps leak in almost every home. Due to their prevalence, they are normally very simple to repair. The water that enters your home is under pressure, and this constant pressure can cause the seals on your tap to deteriorate. When the seal is not sufficiently secure, water can leak through and trigger dripping.

What is the simplest method of leaking tap repair? Purchasing a replacement washer – a small circular piece of rubber. If you believe you are unable to do so, you can contact Wilco Plumbing Sydney and we will assist you in resolving the matter.

Our qualified and professional Sydney plumbers can easily repair the leaking tap using the required tools. If you want to replace it rather than fixing it, that is also acceptable to us. We can replace any kind of tap.

You can see the types of pipes and their uses accordingly so that you can avoid any damages and leakage by taking the required precautions.

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Gas Heater Repairs Sydney

If it’s winter or any other time of year, you can call Sydney Plumbing’s gas heater installation specialists with confidence, knowing that you’ll get the best gas heater servicing in Sydney. We have more than two decades of experience assisting consumers in Sydney with their gas heating, cooking, and hot water needs.

Our gas heater repair service in Sydney has established us as the best gas heater specialists in the city for repairs and servicing. We support and build gas heaters of all types, including portable units, log fire/fuel gas heaters, and built-in units. We are specialists in the repair and maintenance of a variety of different brands of gas heaters, including Rinnai, Vulcan, Everdure, Jetmaster, Pyrox, and Real Flame.

Hot Water Systems Sydney

Commercial hot water systems may be solar, battery, gas, tankless, or heat pump. These hot water systems in Sydney include one or more water heaters connected to a cylinder that emits hot water in designated areas, such as bathrooms, spa baths, and a variety of other similar locations.

The kitchen, laundry room, toilet, and sink are additional places where hot water systems are widely used. Hot water heaters are renowned for their dependability and competence in both residential and commercial applications. We’ve been providing high-quality gas, electric, and solar water heaters for years. Additionally, these water heaters have a lifespan of about 6 to 10 years.

Certain tests are conducted to determine the consistency of these hot water systems, including operation in the bath or basin, and if these hot water systems become rusty, they should be replaced before the worst-case scenario of tearing and seepage occurs. We have provided hot water system service in Sydney for 20 years. 

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Types of Plumbing Services in Sydney

Plumbing is a challenging job, and it requires a lot of technical knowledge and experience. If you are looking for top-notch plumbing services in Sydney, you might get confused with the plethora of plumbing services in the market. However, if you know what to look for, you can have your plumbing work done correctly. The following are the different types of plumbing services that we provide in Sydney;

Drainage and sewer line plumbing Sydney

The drainage is the frequent problem maker in the plumbing business since it always gets clogged. Among the serious problems that a professional plumber deals with are flooding, recurring clogs, slow-moving drains, and the odours that the drains produce.

Apex plumbing service is a professional and reliable plumbing service in Sydney helping to repair the drainage and sewer all around Sydney.

Our scope of service for drainage & sewer system are :

  • Cleaning, maintenance, and repair of drains (residential and commercial)
  • Sewer inspection, testing, maintenance, and cleaning
  • Underground drains clean and repair
  • The basement of kitchen, basement, and bathroom plumbing

Gas plumbing Sydney

This type of plumbing employs gas as its medium for transporting liquids and gases. It uses such gases as natural gas, propane, butane, or hydrogen. Whether you need gas plumbing services in Sydney, NSW, or further afield, our plumbers can tell you everything you need to know, give you expert advice, and fix your gas safely and efficiently, for years to come.

Gas plumbing also includes;

  • Safety inspection
  • Connections to gas pipelines
  • BBQ gas connection
  • Gas installations
  • Gas repairs
  • Gas heaters
  • Gas fault detection
  • Pipework
  • Gas leak
  • Gas cooktops

Water supply plumbing Sydney

This type of plumbing is more about the machinery, pipes, fittings, and fixtures used to convey water from its source, such as a spring, well, reservoir, or city mains, to where it will be used. The source of water is typically collected and stored in a cistern or cisterns. It can be provided by a public water supply system that treats or filters the water for consumption. It is a plumbing system that distributes water to different parts of a building or structure, for purposes such as drinking, cleaning, washing, cooking, etc.

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Mechanical plumbing services Sydney

Mechanical Plumbing is the part of the plumbing that involves designing, installing, and maintaining mechanical systems in buildings. The word “mechanical” is used to distinguish this type of plumbing from other aspects of the broader term plumbing, which does not necessarily involve the use of mechanical devices.

Mechanical plumbing services include;

  • Water filtration
  • Mechanical heating and cooling
  • Heating ventilation
  • Air condition

Basic Home Plumbing DIY

Fixing a leaky faucet or replacing a water heater is an easy DIY (do-it-yourself) project that just about anyone can manage as long as you have some basic plumbing knowledge. While complicated and advanced plumbing projects can be done by a professional, most homeowners can handle the simpler tasks around the house.

The following steps can help you find whether there is leakage in your water supply or not.

Step 1: Note the water meter reading

Step 2: Close all the water supply for your home.

Step 3: Wait till 30 mins,  Note the water meter reading again

If the number has increased then it means there is water leakage in your home water supply pipes/tanks.

Check your water valve

Leaking from the valve can also be another major cause of water leakage. If your valves are continuously leaking ten or more drops per minute, you should call your local plumber immediately. Such leaks can be from a worn-out washer, or the handle and spout may be loose. These are easy fixes for a plumber.

Conduct a Sensory Check

If you notice discolouration on the inside of your home’s walls or ceiling, it’s likely due to some kind of hidden water damage. Leaking water from above can lead to a number of different issues, including mould growth, damaged walls and ceilings, and even structural damage. This type of staining can be a symptom of leakage in the ceiling or in the walls. An old leakage inside the walls can be a big problem in the future and can be expensive, so it is critical to detect them quickly and clean them thoroughly in a timely manner.

You should be aware of underground water leaks

Indoor plumbing leaks are annoying and frequently messy not to mention the damage they can do to a home’s structural integrity. However, outdoor leaks can be just as annoying if not more so and can cause a significant amount of damage to more than just the home’s indoor flooring. In fact, outdoor water leaks can get quite expensive to repair. These usually occur in supply pipes between the meter box and your home.

Plumbing Code Violations

Commercial and residential premises can both receive plumbing code violations. Inspections remodel, and complaints concerning older structures can often result in plumbing violations being reported for commercial buildings. There are several infractions against residential property, including plumbing upgrades without permission, plumbing that is illegal (such as drain pipes), and complaints from tenants and neighbours.  Infractions of the plumbing code do not necessarily signal a problem. Plumbing codes are not well known by most people. The plumbers at our company in Sydney can help you resolve any plumbing code breaches in your building and ensure that your building conforms to the plumbing code.

Plumbing Sydney

DIY- Do’s & Don’t

Run water at full pressure when using garbage disposalPut disposable diapers into the toilet.
Periodically remove and clean all aerators.Dispose of baby wipes in the toilet - whether they claim to be biodegradable or not.
Inspect and test toilets for leaks annually.Use 'flushable' wand-type toilet bowl cleaners - they contain small plastic parts which become lodged in the trap.
Open and close all cutoff valves twice a yearDump 'flushable' cat litter into the toilet or drain.
Check caulk line on walls around tubs and showers regularlyDispose of feminine hygiene products in toilet.

Apex Plumbing Solutions

Apex Plumbing Services is a local plumbing business servicing household and commercial client. We are best commercial plumbers sydney. Our team consists of qualified and silenced plumbers in Sydney who are keen to help you with all kinds of plumbing problems.

As a local Plumber in Sydney, we embrace the everyday lifestyle of local people around us and provide them 24 hours & 7 days of emergency plumbing service. We make sure that our job is always 100% because your trust & satisfaction is what makes Apex Plumbing Services the best free quote local plumber.

Looking for “Plumber Nearby“? Apex is just a call away! 😉

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Local Plumber Sydney

Our licensed team of local plumbers can solve your all plumbing related problems within no time. Our reliability factor makes us the best local free quote plumber near you.

Blocked Drains, Clogged Taps, Faulty Toilets, Broken Hot Water Systems, are one of the many reasons when people call a local Plumber.

Plumbing problems are always common in Homes and businesses. In spite of this, Apex plumbing Services will take on your project fast as we are open 24×7 365 days a week.

Plumbing issues are always a nightmare. At Apex Plumbing, we perfectly understand the fact that plumbing issues need to be addressed as soon as possible. We deal with all plumbing issues with care, not to mention with a professional approach. We are your best Local Plumber Sydney.

Call Now: 1300 096 668

Our Plumbing Services

Blocked Drains

Toilet Repairs

Leaking Taps

Hot Water Systems

Burst Pipes

Backflow Prevention

Gas Fitting

Rainwater Tank Repair

Leaking Roof

Zip & Water Filters

Plumber Near Me

If you are looking for a local plumber in  Sydney, we offer a unique difference compared to other plumbers. Licensed local Plumbers are always keen to solve any kind of plumbing problem. We are always open to help

Among many reasons to choose Apex Plumbing Services, one would be our ability to do all kinds of services in all types of properties ranging from corporate houses to residential plumbing jobs.

The plumbing services we provide here at Apex Plumbing is so remarkable that, whenever you think of “Plumber Near Me” anytime after getting our services, Apex is going to be the one to hover on your head. We also provide FREE QUOTES *(read disclaimer)!

☑️ On-Time Every Time

☑️ Range of Discounts & Coupons

☑️ Fixed Price Repairs

☑️ All Work Done in Time

☑️ Satisfaction Guaranteed

☑️ 24 Hours Emergency Plumbing

plumber sydney

In any event, arrival on time is a must for us. Ultimately and in either case,  to ensure we can provide you with a service that meets your time frame and comfort due to your busy lifestyle. With our affordable plumbing services, everyone gets out the most.

After all, we have licensed plumbers, when it comes to looking for the right plumber to fix the problem, Check Our Specials Page or see our highly rated reviews here.

Need Local Plumber? Contact Apex Plumbing Solutions we will be there as fast as traffic provides. We are the most affordable plumbers after all.

A Local Plumber comes with a different call out rates. Due to the nature of the plumbing emergency, such as pipes repairs. Call for a quick quote and immediate response.

We highly recommend making a booking please fill in the online form or call 1300 096 668 to speak to one of our friendly customer service representatives.

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24 Hours Emergency Plumber Open Now
Our local Plumber Team is your Plumbing Services experts. Our team of licensed residential plumbers is always ready to tackle plumbing problems. Not to mention, -the best local Plumber open now!

Nevertheless, no matter how big or small your plumbing problem, if it’s a hot water system repairs or a leaking tap or any plumbing issue you can think of, we will send a professional plumber to get the job done fast.

Do you Need Help With Plumbing Problems?

Apex is just a call away or save $50 by booking online!

Book Call Out

The Plumber expert Team will carry out a detailed inspection of your plumbing issue. This will enable us to determine the best method of approach to repair your plumbing issue fast.


Our Plumbing Services Team will in fact explain to you all the plumbing issues that you have. this will enable us to advise you how we take on the repairs.

Fix Plumbing Issues

To begin with, our Plumbing Team will quote you a fixed price. At this instant, once we get the approval we will go ahead and finalise the repairs required with quality workmanship guaranteed.

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Apex Plumbing Solutions

Emma J
Emma J
04:30 05 May 21
The guys did a really good job replacing the taps that were leaking. Very happy with the work done 😊
Sotkas View
Sotkas View
23:44 04 May 21
It's not that difficult really, be courteous, on time and good at what you do....Well, the young man that attended my... plumbing job was all that and more. What a lovely decent human being, with the willingness to go above and beyond more
Mike Brennan
Mike Brennan
05:47 27 Apr 21
Arrived on time and provided a quick diagnosis of the problem along with a solution. Friendly and professional service.
Sohan Allu
Sohan Allu
14:20 01 Nov 20
Excellent plumbing service. They have never let us down. Whenever I ring they always have a plumber to our site within... 1 more
Thabu Thabsheer
Thabu Thabsheer
14:19 01 Nov 20
Blocked bathroom drains, got first job of the day. Texts sent to advise plumber on the way. Job well done by Oscar.
dk dk
dk dk
14:15 01 Nov 20
Great customer service! Oscar was clearly highly experienced as well as willing to take the time to explain things in... detail.10/10 would recommend Apex Plumbing to more
Sunny Leone
Sunny Leone
14:00 01 Nov 20
One of the best plumbers i have seen in my life. They are doing their job quite neatly. Loved it
Munsa Munsheer
Munsa Munsheer
13:43 01 Nov 20
Honest and quality service. Excellent and professional service. The plumbers was friendly and helpful. Good work with... reasonable priceread more
Muns munsheer
Muns munsheer
13:35 01 Nov 20
I found apex plumbing solution to be absolutely professional in dealing with my blocked drain as well. I would highly... recommended him to anyone with a variety of plumbing issuesread more
Firaz Khan
Firaz Khan
12:27 01 Nov 20
Really fast work and neat work could not have been more satisfied
Vikas kumar
Vikas kumar
10:54 01 Nov 20
This is a good and nice plumbing team very nice and talented plumber working I'm very like that team
Manuraj kumar
Manuraj kumar
10:43 01 Nov 20
Apex plumbing solution is a good and amazing plumbing team I'm very like this plumber very nice
02:22 01 Sep 20
Called Oscar, needed some gas box moved urgently. He came the following day, did the job no worries. Thanks for the... fast turnaround, will use the service more
Rasesh Koirala
Rasesh Koirala
22:33 31 Aug 20
Best plumber in Sydney!
Deb L
Deb L
10:26 15 May 20
Yep, these guys are great. Happy with the efficiency, explanation and price to fix our leaking toilet.
Amy Foo
Amy Foo
05:01 12 Nov 19
Honest and quality service. Made sure we understood what the problem was and explained what needed to be done.
Busra Ozen
Busra Ozen
23:28 05 Nov 19
Thank you for your honest and great service!
Kaan Ozen
Kaan Ozen
23:26 05 Nov 19
Fast quality, professional service
06:12 18 Oct 19
Ive used Oscar a few times now and he is very friendly, reliable, reasonable price and take time to explain things. Ive... been recommending him to family and more
Vab Agrawal
Vab Agrawal
10:43 03 Oct 19
This business is absolutely pathetic. They came to my parents house to clear a blocked line and within 10 minutes of... starting the job there was an incident with a fire erupting in their Ute. My parents provided a fire extinguisher to help put it out and instead of being grateful for that they charged them $500 with a guarantee to return and complete the work. When they returned 3 weeks later , they said the work was more than they initially thought and would charge them more. Despicable behaviour, dishonest service and absolutely no regard for their customers. I called the plumber and spoke at length and instead of explaining the reason for charging so much, he threatened me with defamation If i wrote a google review. Cleary this business needs to be checked, now on to Fair Trading NSW to hopefully resolve the matter and return my parents money. Would not recommend to anyone!!read more
Brian Unterrheiner
Brian Unterrheiner
11:52 28 Mar 19
Started a new business called Brian's Odd Jobs Handyman Services and my first plumbing job was to contract out the ... upstairs leaking shower recess for waterproofing. I have worked with Apex Plumbing before in Newtown where we had several properties including rented boarding houses and Oscar and the team would always turn up on time at the drop of the hat and do whatever we could throw at him to fix with professional and precision workmanship. Didn't hesitate when I came across this job to call him on board. In a couple of days tiles removed, waterproofed and retiled and back in action for the tenants with a 10 year guarantee for a little over $3K. Landlord happy.. tenants relieved and me for … smiling. Legend plumbing service. Look forward to working together soon Oscar.Brianread more
Hasan Cinar
Hasan Cinar
10:46 07 Jan 19
Great fast blocked drain repair. Thanks Apex
Oakley Barez
Oakley Barez
05:56 10 May 18
Oscar is very helpful! He fixed my gas hot water leaking with lots glue on it already, and 2 blocked drains within 1.5... hours! Definitely recommend Apex Plumbing for any plumbing and gas work! Good work with reasonable price!!read more
caesar valles
caesar valles
06:08 08 May 18
Excellent and professional service. The plumber was friendly and helpful he managed to clear my blocked drain... quickly. Very knowledgeable & The rates were very fair hard to find service this good these days!read more
Camila Villaroel
Camila Villaroel
05:24 03 May 18
Despite having a jam packed work week, Oscar was till able to fit us in to replace a fused stuck mixer tap in the... kitchen. Work was done quickly and professionally. I would definitely call on Apex Plumbing again in future, should the need more
Tarik Ozen
Tarik Ozen
05:40 02 May 18
awesome team of plumbers, they are just magic !! highly recommended
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