What Causes a Noisy Heater System?

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What Causes a Noisy Heater System?
What Causes a Noisy Heater System?

What Causes a Noisy Heater System?

There are a number of possible reasons for noisy hot water pipes or a noisy hot water system and plumber’s investigation is a must. A gas or electric water storage heater is essentially a vessel filled with water and it has no moving parts. Therefore, it is unlikely that any knocking or tapping noise in the hot or cold water system. Furthermore, attributed to the water heaters function and performance.

Non-Return Valve

The sudden stopping of the water flow especially if installed with a non-return valve. So it can result in a “thumping” strange noise. Suddenly turning the hot water tap off can cause a small wave of energy to travel back down the hot water pipe. In addition, usually this wave of energy diminishes as it passes through the water in the pipe. If fitted a non-return valve, the wave of energy comes to a sudden halt causing a “thump” or popping sound. Turning off the water and relief valve will confirm this cause.

Pipe Vibration

If a continued knocking, vibration or whining noise, try replacing the tap washer. Hence, this usually means that there is a split, damaged or defective tap washer in the tap housing. A knocking or tapping noise may be heard if long runs of water pipe are not properly attached inside the floor, wall or ceiling. This knocking is ‘Water Hammer’. As a result of when the pipes vibrate against a floor, wall or ceiling cavity. Therefore, to remove the knocking or tapping noise try securing the water pipe to prevent movement.

Mineral Build Up

If you heard a knocking or tapping noise during the heat-up cycle of an electric hot water heater there may be some mineral build up on the hot water heating element or it could be that the water quality is poor. Sediment build at the bottom of the tank uses scale build. Flushing your water heaters prevent sediment building in electric water heater. Check the cold water supply quality for mineral build up and clean the heating element. If required, drain any sludge from the hot water heater.

High Pressure Water

If you can only hear a popping noise when water is flowing through the water heater, check for faulty pipe work or valves. Check it is not water hammer and if the water pressure is excessive (above 700kPa) it may be necessary to install a pressure limiting valve. Open the drain valve to confirm this cause of noise. Checking hot water faucet and hot water tank is also part of the checklist.

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