5 Plants To Avoid Planting To Prevent Damaged Pipes

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Australians enjoy outdoor plants. Any opportunity we get, we give a visit to our scenic beaches, green national parks, and spectacular mountain ranges. When we’re not running for the hills we use our spare time to grow a little patch of nature in our own backyards.

Every weekend local nursery’s are crowded with the green and not so green thumbs ready to nurture tiny seedlings into flourishing bushes. Regrettably, not all tree’s are suitable for a home garden setting. Any adorable little saplings will develop up to be huge structure wrecking issues.

Yes! loving plants is not a bad idea. Plants give us shade, oxygen, and comes with many other benefits. However, there are a few common plants that can harm your plumbing system and cost you thousands.

How does root cause pipe damage?

Roots make sewer and water lines primary targets while looking for water and nutrients. Some tree roots are as thin as a hair strand and may snake even the smallest join between two pipes.

When inside, roots will trap nasties like wet wipes and cooking fats up the drain. This can contribute to blockages, which not only leaves you uncomfortable clean-up but also costly plumbing. So, here is the list of plants that you need to avoid planting near pipes or drains.

Top 5 Plants & Trees that causes plumbing issue

Oak Tree

Oak trees are some of the world’s highest and oldest trees. They are increasing steadily and their root structures are like that. Oak trees have a main root called a “taproot” which grows in search of moisture directly to the land. If the tree matures, other roots laterally emerge from the vine, the roots of which create plumbing havoc.

Boxwood Shrubs

Boxwood shrubs are sometimes placed as fencing around land margins, and this is often where some of the more venerable plumbing happens, and all intersect very frequently thanks to their shallow root structure.

Palm Trees

Contrary to other plants on this list, the difficulties with palm trees are not the roots, they are fruits and seeds. These fruit and seeds are dropped and pipelines and drains are blocked. This allows pipelines to be blocked, breached and destroyed.

Willow Trees

Willow Trees Natural environment is one with elevated humidity rate such as the shores of the canal. As a result of this, most backyards have no sufficient water source to support a Willow, and root systems are searching for your pipes which trigger tremendous damages and blockages.

Citrus Fruit  Trees

Like willow trees, the citrous tree needs vast quantities of water to grow efficiently, and most backyards have no noticeable rainfall, so the root systems chase the pipes to find the moisture you want somewhere else. Citrus trees are such a huge concern that certain homeowners’ groups forbid planting in yards.

Fixing blocked drains and replacing damaged pipes with Apex Plumbing Services is relatively easy and cost-effective. Just give us a call and one of our friendly team members will be with you shortly and help you out of these damages.

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