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Building Inspection Services by Apex Plumbing Solutions – Keep your buildings as good as new

All property owners want to maintain their building’s wellbeing. We value the time, money and effort you have rendered to build an investment. Your building can only remain useful in the long run, if it is maintained periodically. Hire our plumbers in Parramatta who will carry out a thorough inspection of your property and give you an up to date report regarding its existing condition.

Inspection is carried out with a detail about the following aspects of the building:

• Pipelines
• Drains
• Electrical Wiring
• Toilets
• Kitchens
• Gas Fittings
• Hot Water Systems

Unexpected Plumbing Problems are a nightmare for all property owners

Plumbing issues are a nightmare for all property owners. In case a plumbing problem is detected, immediate solutions are provided by a designated plumber in Parramatta to ensure that no part of the property is damaged. These plumbing problems can lead to damages, which can lead to accidents. Furthermore, these accidents can cost you a fortune.

Hence, to save you from all the hassle, our inspection services will take care of all these problems. Whether it is detection of molds in your drainage systems or the reasons behind why your hot water heaters are constantly malfunctioning, our professional plumber in Parramatta can analyze thee issues and offer viable solutions. We will provide a cost effective solution and ensure that these problems do not occur again.

Inspection services to avoid future accidents

Apart from fixing these issues, we can also offer inspection services to detect possible threats and avoid any accidents. Our services guarantee that you can enjoy your investment for years and will help in maintaining your building’s worth.

24 hours Emergency Service

If there is a shortage of water supply in your building, it can cause a great deal of trouble to the people residing in it. It can hamper their daily activities, ultimately causing stress to the owner. For uninterrupted and efficient service, you can rely on our plumbers in Parramatta who are experts in dealing with untimely emergency plumbing problems. Our services are dedicated to both residential and commercial clients and we focus on quality above all things.

Latest Equipment & Trained Plumbers

Our trained professionals are equipped with the latest tools and equipment to solve any plumbing problem. We also provide a lifetime guarantee for all our jobs. If you are not satisfied with a service, let us know and we will fix it.

If you have any queries regarding your plumbing problems, or require an urgent plumbing service, please feel free to call us at:1300 096 668. Contact us to get a skilled plumber in Parramatta who can help you at any time of the day.

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